NEVIS, MINNESOTA

Scenic Grounds

At the Fantastic Green Valley Resort
In the Heart of the Beautiful Minnesota Northwoods
On the Legendary 7th Crow Wing Lake

Spectacular Lake Views!

With over 1,300 feet of shoreline, there are gorgeous views of 7th Crow Wing Lake from almost every vantage point at the Green Valley Resort.  So, whether you're relaxing on the front porch of your cabin, playing with the kids on the playground, or strolling along one of our hiking trails, the peaceful shimmer of the lake is always there to remind you of just how great life can be.

Trees Everywhere!

The Green Valley Resort is situated on more than 15 acres of pristine Minnesota timberland.  Stately Norway Pines, majestic White Birch, and grand old Oak trees provide a rich and varied canopy over the grounds.  Whether you're playing with the kids or going for a walk, there is never a lack of cool shade to enjoy and fresh, forest-scented air to breathe.

Walking Trails!

We love to walk here at the Green Valley Resort with all of the beautiful trees and picturesque views of the lake.  The resort avenues are composed of hard-packed sand that is a pleasure to walk on.  These avenues form a unique "Figure 8" throughout the resort grounds.  One loop goes past the lodge and cabins.  The other loop goes up "Loony Hill" and around the campgrounds.  The entire loop is about 1/2 mile in length with gentle changes in elevation.

Wide Open Spaces!

There is no lack of "elbow room" at the Green Valley Resort.  Amongst the trees and cabins are huge, wide open spaces of immaculately groomed lawns.  So, play with the kids.  Soak up some mother nature.  Go for a slow walk with your loved ones.  Or just park it in a lawn chair with your favorite beverage in hand.  This is a great place to just unwind and enjoy your vacation.

Huge Playground!

The Green Valley Resort has a huge playground for the young; and the young at heart.  For the little ones there are swings, slides, forts, playhouses, and a sandbox filled with toys.  For the older kids there is volleyball, tetherball, badminton, whiffle-ball, and that infamous resort game known as "bags." The playground is located right out in the middle of the resort - making it easy for mom and dad to keep an eye on things from the front porch of their cabin.

Breathtaking Sunrises and Sunsets!

The scenic views at the Green Valley Resort are amazing.  Enjoy fiery sunrises coming up over the east end of the lake as you load your boat up for the morning's fishing expedition.  Then in the evening, bask in glorious sunsets as you slowly motor your way back to the resort.  Here we can see the full moon rise above the lake.

Athletic Field!

Between the playground and the lake, there is an enormous athletic field at the Green Valley Resort. Play a game of touch football. Fling a Frisbee around. Play catch with a baseball.  Kick a soccer ball back and forth. Our favorite summer-time game is whiffle-ball. One time we even had a group play a game of cricket. Whatever sport you like, we have a beautiful grass field for you to play on; right next to the lake!

Campfire Pits

There are 4 campfire pits located throughout the resort for the enjoyment of our guests. Let us tell you, nothing is more fun than sitting around a blazing campfire surrounded by family, friends, smiles, and laughter. We love those clear nights when the stars are shining and there's a bit of a nip in the air along with the faint smell of roasting hot dogs and s'mores. Doesn't get any better than that!