NEVIS, MINNESOTA

Seasonal Cabin Rentals...


Let's say you're at a point in Life where you're looking for a place "Up North" to spend the summer season. So, you go to the local RV dealer and find out that a decent camper is going to cost anywhere from $30,000 to $80,000; depending upon quality and other things.

Which means the amortized principle and interest costs of your new purchase are going to be somewhere between $3,500 and $11,500 per year, more or less, depending on interest rates, terms, etc.

Now that you've got your new RV, you're going need a place to park it. Plus, you really want to be "On the Water". Which means you're going to need a lakeside lot. So, you get on the Internet and start looking for campgrounds and find out that a lakeside lot, if you can find one, is going to set you back about $4,000 to $5,000 per year; plus about $200 per season for utilities.

Adding up the numbers you find out its going to cost you anywhere from about $7,700 to $16,700 per year to be on the water in your new RV. That's a lot of money to pay to spend the summer in a glorified mobile home.

What's the alternative? How about a lakeside seasonal cabin at the Green Valley Resort? [Our season runs from May 1st to October 1st, weather permitting, of course.]

Here at the Green Valley Resort, you can rent a two-bedroom seasonal cabin for only $8,999 or a three-bedroom seasonal cabin for only $10,999. 

And, all of the utilities (sewer, water and electricity) are included. As you can see, this compares quite favorably against the annual cost of owning an RV and renting a lakeside lot.

Excellent fishing on a wonderful lake. Great cabin with a big deck right on the water. Beautiful, State-Park quality scenery. A bathroom you can actually use without feeling cramped. Plenty of opportunities for socializing with other guests. Free access to all of the resort's amenities including our boat launch, docks, paddle-boats, canoes and playgrounds.

If this sounds like a good deal to you, give us a call or send us an email and we'll make an appointment so you can see what we have to offer.

Here's a low-cost, low-risk way for you to check us out: Rent a cabin from us for a week. If you like it and decide you would like to rent a seasonal cabin from us, we'll apply the weekly rental fee you already paid to your seasonal rental fee.