NEVIS, MINNESOTA

Super Fishing!!!

At the Fantastic Green Valley Resort
In the Heart of the Beautiful Minnesota Northwoods
On the Legendary 7th Crow Wing Lake

Family Fun!

Look at the smiles on their faces.  This is what the Green Valley Resort is all about; having a great time with the people you care about the most!  What can be more fun than teaching the little ones how to fish or sharing some quality time with family and friends?  Just think of the memories that are waiting for you and your loved ones here at Green Valley Resort!

Hog Fat Walleyes!

Look at those hog fat walleyes! You'd be playing it cool too if you caught your limit of walleyes in just one trip out on the lake!

Hey Dave, mind if we join you for dinner? That looks like some mighty good eating there.

Vicious Northern Pike!

We love spring time here at Green Valley. That's when the big pikes start biting!
Look at this 45 inch monster!

Feisty Perch!

We have Faith that the 7th Crow Wing Lake will start to produce nice perch. We Hope to catch a bunch more just like this one, we do so Love the taste of perch!

Each summer the perch seem to get a little bigger. We're hoping that trend continues.

Monster Bass!

Look at Jodi's smile. Here's the story. Brent is a fantastic fisherman. He taught Jodi how to fish. And now Jodi always seems to out-fish him. 

Huge Slab Crappies!

Luther got into a mess of crappie in the morning and is getting ready to go back out.

Beautiful Bluegills!

One day Mark walks up and says, "How come you don't have any pictures of me on your website?"

We replied, "Well, first you gotta catch some fish."

Mark said, "We'll be right back." A couple of hours later Mark and Penny were back on shore ready to get their picture taken.

Picture Yourself Here!

Our buddy Al once described the fishing at 7th Crow Wing Lake as "Legendary".  And Al should know; he's been coming to Green Valley Resort every year since 1962.  Why?  The answer is simple.  Year after year, the fishing on 7th Crow Wing is consistently super!  So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call and make your reservations today!